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Help build a Just Future for young people around the world.

An online fundraising page can connect the school community
and organise your fundraising.


An online fundraising page can be used to collect donations or to bank money raised through your Project Compassion activities.

You can create a single page for the whole school, or build a network of pages that record fundraising by classes, houses or school groups and contribute the school’s total.

It really is easy! Download the cheat sheet here for simple step-by-step instructions.

Need some ideas?

Fundraising works best when we’re having fun and playing to our strengths.

  • Does Year 7 excel at sport and fitness? Why not encourage a marathon relay?
  • Are Year 10 into music? An all-day jam session might be right up their alley.
  • Year 5 into reading? A read-a-thon is a fantastic way to get them involved.

Download our Fundraising Ideas book for loads more ideas and inspiration.

You can load photos and information onto each page and share the page link with the school community, parents and friends.

Emails can be sent from the page to update everyone on the progress and to ask for donations.

Your online page can keep track of all the activity and help you share your success.

We're here to help.

If you need help setting up your fundraising page, or some tips on how to make your fundraiser a success, get in touch: or 1800 024 413.

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